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Free Phone Consultation:
To schedule your consultation, please call or email me directly.  The purpose of this meeting is to get acquainted with one another, and to make sure that this program meets your needs.  You will be able to ask any questions you may have.  I'd like to hear about your specific situation and what your expectations are.  The main goal by the end of this conversation is that both parties feel confident that we can communicate freely and effectively, so that I can provide you with the best possible service and support. 

Paperwork and Profile:
Once you've decided to join our program, I'll send you a package of forms to fill out.  Once you've completed them and returned them to me, we will make arrangements to review them together.  If it's convenient, we can meet in person, or just speak on the phone.  Together we'll draft your profile that will be presented to potential surrogates.

Next, you will receive profiles of available surrogates who meet your needs.  This doesn't always happen right away.  If there isn't a good candidate for you currently available in our program, I'll start a proactive search for your match immediately.  This includes advertising, networking, and even contacting other agencies.  I'll search for your match as if it were my own.  You won't be placed on a waiting list.

When you've decided that you are interested in a certain profile, I'll arrange a conference call to introduce you to the surrogate.  After that call, I'll follow up with you about your desire to continue with that surrogate.  If both of you are interested, we'll set up a second meeting.  If at all possible this should be in person and with the surrogate's spouse.  During the this stage, I'll offer guidance, address your concerns, and help you decide if this is the right
surrogate for you.  

Case Management:
I will see you through every aspect of the surrogacy process.  From this point forward, I'll make sure that everything that needs to be accomplished and coordinated is taken care of.  If needed, I can help you find and select your attorney, reproductive endocrinologist,
psychologist, and any other professional services you or your surrogate may need.  I'll liaison with these various offices to ensure that all of your bases are covered.  I want to handle all of the legwork involved, so that you can relax and enjoy the making of your baby.  This is the simple version of what I'll do for you.  I'll be more than happy to explain these processes to you step-by-step.

Another responsibility I have is maintaining constant contact with you and your surrogate. A good relationship between you and your surrogate is invaluable, and I want to facilitate that. At any point, in the event that you are uncomfortable talking to your surrogate about
something, I'll do it, or at least be there to mediate. I'll take care to always be available to you, but never intrusive.  I'll offer emotional support to both parties throughout this journey, so that everyone has the best experience possible.



Q - How do I choose an agency?

A - Selecting the agency that will help you find the woman who will carry your child is an important decision. Throughout your surrogacy journey, you will rely on your agency to keep track of every single aspect of the process. Be sure to find out who exactly will be responsible for your case. Will it be the director, an office assistant, or a combination of employees? It’s important to know that the person managing your case will be easy to reach, and available to you whenever you have a question. You should choose an agency that listens to you and makes you feel comfortable. You also shouldn’t be expected to pay for a consultation. Any agency that has your best interests in mind should be willing to give you a consultation for free (I do.) Also, most agents should expect you to ask for references and will be happy to supply them. When getting references, I would recommend that you get phone numbers, so that you can actually can verify them and speak to them in person.

Q - Why do I pay an agency fee?

A - Your agency fees help to cover my operating costs and pay me for my time and service.  A large part of your fee is spent on advertising.  I am constantly searching for qualified surrogates for my program.  I believe strongly in reaching out into the community by way of both print ads and internet ads

Q - How soon will we be matched with a surrogate?

A - It varies.  You may match right away with the first profile you receive, but some intended parents have searched for a year or more for the perfect match because of their particular preferences.  Not only should your surrogate match your requirements on paper, you should also feel some level of "connection" with her once you start getting to know each other.  That said, you could be matched within a couple of weeks or it could take several months.  Since the process is so personal, you should be prepared to take the extra time to make sure you get it started right.

Q - Will we be placed on a waiting list?

A - No, your profile will be shown to every available surrogate who is a potential match for you.

Q - What happens if our surrogate gets disqualified by our doctor?

A - If your surrogate is disqualified during the screening process, you have the option of consulting another fertility doctor, or matching with a new surrogate.  Because each individual doctor has their specific requirements and preferences, one of the first things I do when I take your case is contact your fertility clinic to get their most recent requirement list, and open a line of communication with them.  I’ll ensure that your doctor’s requirements are met before any surrogate’s profile is presented to you.

Q - Why don’t you have online profiles for viewing?

A - There are several reasons. First, the privacy and safety of my clients are paramount to me, surrogates and intended parents included. Additionally, many surrogates are "registered" with more than one agency, and are searching independently as well. I wouldn’t want you to join my program because of a profile that you view, just to find out that she’s no longer available, or that she doesn’t fit your specific needs.