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If you are interested in our program please contact me for a surrogate screening package, or Download it here.  I'm also available to you by phone or email with no obligation.  I'm more than happy to talk to you about whether surrogacy is right for you, or to answer any questions you have about my program. Once you decide that you would like to join our agency, just fill out the application forms and return them to me.     

After I review your completed forms, we'll have an interview.  It's best to have this meeting in person at your home with your spouse.  This way you are most comfortable, and either of you will be able to ask any questions you may have.  At this time we can start putting together your profile that I'll present to potential IP's.  We can conduct this meeting by phone if geographically necessary.   

Matching & Beyond
Next, I'll present you with Intended Parent profiles for you to review.  When you see a couple that you're interested in, I'll contact them to set up a telephone conference, so you  can get acquainted with each other.  Following that first phone call, if you are both still interested in each other we'll set up a meeting.  During this time, I'll be available to you to address your concerns, answer any questions, and help you decide if this is the best match for you.

Once you are matched, I'll be making sure that everything is taken care of for you.  I'll be coordinating between all of the professionals involved and you and your IP's, so that you can relax and focus on the task at hand. Getting pregnant!!!!  And remember, I'm just a phone call
away day or night.


Q - Are the procedures painful?

A - During the screening process you can expect to have your blood drawn and a routine pelvic exam. Once you start cycling, you will likely have several vaginal ultrasounds which are not painful. You may be required to have a procedure where they insert a scope so they can get a clear "image" of your uterus and fallopian tubes. Most women consider this procedure a bit uncomfortable but not painful. The mock transfer and actual transfer are not usually painful at all. A speculum is used and a tiny flexible tube is inserted into the uterine space. Actually, most women donít even feel it.

Q - What medications will I have to take?

A - Medical protocols vary by patient and doctor, but there are a few medications that are pretty commonly used for IVF cycling. Lupron is an injectable medication that is used to suppress your own hormone production. It is usually injected with a very small needle into the fatty tissue of the belly (this is similar to an insulin shot.) You will also need estrogen and progesterone replacements. These are used to prepare your uterus for pregnancy. You will need to take these until the end of your first trimester to help sustain the pregnancy. These two medications are usually given by injection into the hip/buttocks area. Your nurse will show you or your spouse how to give these shots. Estrogen and Progesterone can also be given by suppository and oral methods, but these arenít used as often. For the days leading up to the transfer, it is common to take an oral form of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medication to help the implantation process. You may be prescribed Valium or something similar for the transfer and the following days, to help keep you relaxed and at rest.

Q - Do I get to pick which couple to work with?

A - Yes. You will be able to look at profiles of intended parents that meet your requirements. They will also be given your profile to review. A telephone "meeting" is only set up when both of you are interested. You will be able to take as long as you need to get to know each other. Once you have both decided that you want to work together, a match is made and we can start working on contracts.

Q - How long will it take to get matched?

A - It varies. You may match right away with the first profile you receive, but some surrogates have waited for months for the "perfect" match. Not only should your intended parents match your requirements on paper, you should also feel some level of "connection" with them once you start getting to know each other. I encourage you to listen to your instincts when you meet with potential parents. Since this process is so personal, you should be prepared to take the extra time to make sure you have the right intended parents to take this journey with. This can be such a wonderful experience for you, but you must have intended parents who are you are comfortable with.

Q - How soon will we be able to transfer?

A - It could take anywhere from one to six months before you have the transfer. First of all, both parties should be in agreement about the time frame they wish to aim for. The contracts must be finalized and all screenings must be completed before the medical protocol can begin. If a mock cycle is required by the doctor, that will basically take a month to complete. If it will be a fresh cycle, there may be some time needed for you and the IM or egg donor to synchronize your cycles with birth control pills. You are probably eager to get started, but you can take advantage of this time and use it to get more familiar with your intended parents. They are probably more anxious than you are to get to transfer, so itís a great opportunity to start offering supporting to each other.

Q - When will I start my screenings?

A - Normally, you will be scheduled for your psychological and initial medical screening as soon as you are matched with your intended parents. You can expect to wait anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to get into some fertility clinics.

Q - What will I have to pay for?

A - You wonít pay for anything. Your intended parents will be billed for your screenings and for any procedures and medications that are required for you to get pregnant. Once you are released to regular maternity care, any copays or deductibles that your insurance requires will be reimbursed by your IPís. You will also be receiving a monthly allowance to cover any out of pocket expenses you have such as gas, long distance calls, postage, home pregnancy tests, ectÖ